“I directed James as an actor, and he never failed to impress me with his incredible eye for even the most detailed nuances. His understanding of his fellow actors and his ability to bring out the best performances from those around him was second to none.”

Dame Judi Dench

“I have known James Larkin for over twenty years and have worked with him in theatre and film. He is an actor of exceptional talent and intelligence. He is a professional of the utmost dedication and commitment. His work as a Director shows great visual flair and intellectual command, combined with a vastly entertaining style.”

Sir Kenneth Branagh.

“James’s workshop was a joy. He reignited in me a curiosity for the actor’s inner world and how thoughts can be used to throw us off our comfortable centre, to help us find life and spontaneity in the scene. James is a natural teacher who employs diligence and encouragement in equal measure.”

Richard Cotton, Actor.


“Thank you even more for the fantastic workshop. It blows my mind how vastly improved everyone’s work was, including my own, after just a few hours! What a fantastic gift to have received from you, I can’t thank you enough. Not to mention the gift you have of being a fantastic teacher.”

Ben Bergstrom, Actor.

“I had the opportunity to work with James Larkin in a wonderful screen class via zoom on the 4th of September. I had an incredible time preparing and performing a monologue, gaining insight into the world of film and developed my skills after learning life changing tips for acting on screen. I had an amazing time, and would recommend this course to anyone interested in acting for screen and looking for an inclusive and professional way to broaden their knowledge.”

Ava Emery, Actor.

“What I loved most about James’s workshop was how quickly one can adapt their performance using such a simple tool. I have been looking for something that will take my actor mind off “performance mode” and into something more authentic. Not just once, but always. James’s approach offers exactly that.”

Alison Harris, Actor.

“Initially I was quite apprehensive about doing a workshop online as I struggled to see how I would benefit, but I took a shot after an email conversation with James. I’m so glad I did. The course has given me an entirely new perspective on certain aspects of screen acting that I have been searching for.  The workshop has given me a new-found confidence in the moments that really make a difference on screen. I would highly recommend the workshop to any screen actor or anyone looking to move into screen acting. I will certainly be keeping an eye out for future classes or any opportunity to gain more of James’s extensive knowledge and experience.”

Damian McNelly, Actor.

“Do you want to get more screen time? Add greater character depth? Relax on Action? Be more human? Become more interesting on camera? Show greater emotion? If your answer was yes to any of those, I suggest you book yourself into one of James’ sessions. Taking place over roughly three hours, this wonderfully intimate training session will transform your performance and give editors more material to work with, ensuring more screen time overall.”

Charli Janeway, Actor. 


“The acting for screen workshop with James was honestly an amazing experience. Just what I needed. The skills I’ve learned today has already changed how I look at scripts and characters and honestly can’t wait to use everything learned in today’s workshop. Thanks!”

Nikki Fagbemi, Actor.

“As an actor the most difficult thing for me is to find those things that enable a truthful performance.  The workshop conducted by James Larkin that I had the honour to attend (via Zoom) provided me with the tools necessary to free the imagination.  I have already started applying the lesson learned as I am working through a reprise of a Shakespeare monologue I did five years ago but hopefully now better and more genuine.  It is taught by a person who has been both actor and director.  That depth of experience along with a dedication to improving our craft and conducted with joy made this experience a worthwhile three hours.  I recommend it highly.”

Bruce Gluckman, NY, Actor.

“James draws on his huge wealth of experience as both actor and director to really get under the skin of how to be natural on screen.
The ‘light bulb’ (and delightfully surprising) moment for me was realising that as an actor you have to go against your instinct of ‘performing naturally’, and literally let your mind wander! The proof was in the ‘before / after’ recordings, when a 2D scene was turned into 3D, and I left the session honestly thinking I’d witnessed magic. This man’s a lovely gift for actors – Highly Recommended!”

Stewart Rome, Actor.

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Screen Acting workshop with James Larkin. The techniques we were shown today were simple to use and we all had such fun in the process. I was absolutely staggered to see the difference in my performance. I feel as if I’ve been given a key to unlock a magic door. Thanks so much. I can’t wait to try out the new strategies. So great to learn such useful tips from someone with a rich wealth of experience as an actor and director. What a way to spend an afternoon. I’m buzzing. Many many thanks!”

Maggie Evans, Actor.

“Jim understands what a director/editor needs to make a scene watchable and dramatic in close up. His relaxed and thoroughly enjoyable workshop takes you through the process, working with text, looking at ways that enrich the cinematic quality of your acting.
Developing the skills and understanding you need to be able to relax in your work, to be responsive and creative. I haven’t enjoyed acting so much in a very long time.”

Guy Scantlebury, Actor.

“James Larkin’s, Acting for Screen Workshop is both insightful and entertaining. He is the kind of director everyone wants to work with. He takes his time and engages with everyone, making the creative process much more relaxed and enjoyable. He enables the actor to gain insight into a freedom and relaxation in front of the camera, which is so necessary when dealing with the pressures and time constraints in filming. Using techniques to concentrate the mind, while allowing it to be active at all times, he produces impressive results. Everyone on the course found it stimulating and improving. I recommend it wholeheartedly.”

James Simmonds, Actor.

“James Larkin’s workshop gives you an insight into what a screen director hopes every actor will bring to their initial audition, to land that job, and then onto set, to ensure they’re not left on the cutting room floor. Being familiar with the process on both sides of the camera, he brings his expertise and experience as both screen director and screen actor – offering you easily applicable tools and techniques to make your performance interesting and intriguing, arresting and alluring.”

Gigi Strehler, Actor.

“TV/Film Director, James Larkin’s on-camera workshop which was done via Zoom during the lockdown, was one of the most insightful and enjoyable classes I’ve attended. The session focused on the reactive shot and how different narrative thoughts can create moments that is an editor’s dream. It’s hard to describe but it brings a whole different level of texture to your performance rather than just listening and reacting. I’d certainly recommend taking this class, the group of actors I worked with were from around the world with different experience and had also something to contribute. Thank you, James, I look forward to taking part in future workshops!”

Richard Burke, Actor.

“I would highly recommend James Larkin’s Online camera course to any actors working in film and television, whether they are at the beginning of their careers or years into it. The course is insightful and fun and provides much needed  advise and tips in a profession where help and time are rarely in abundance.”

Adie Allen, Actor.

“I thoroughly enjoyed participating in James Larkin’s Online Screen acting Workshop this afternoon. It was wonderful to be a part of such a supportive group of actors. James made me feel at ease from the off and the time just flew. It was great feeling connected with industry professionals again during my period of self isolation and yet again, another lockdown. James’s approach, although very professional was very relaxed and down to earth. I would highly recommend this workshop to actors who wish to brush up on their screen acting and self taping skills.”

Heledd Bianchi, Actor.


“Attending the masterclass has given me more insight into what looks believable, natural and authentic on camera. I came away feeling really confident to use the technique and generally a sense of growing as an actor, I always seek to expand my toolbox and the class did that!”

Emma Johnson, Actor.

“Jim’s workshop is a lively and fun affair and extremely collaborative. There is something for all actors to learn here, at whatever level they might be, and they will find it particularly useful as self-tapes are currently the order of the day.”

Sean Patterson, Actor.


“Wow, what an incredible workshop. Through a series of unique, fun, and simple exercises (which don’t feel like exercise at all), James was able to guide us to a place where every participant delivered work that was alive and compelling to watch, whilst totally demystifying the process of how he got us there. Every single actor in the workshop was able to create work that was compelling to watch, and in a screen acting environment would give the editor everything they needed – and it was fun and relaxing to do. I think the real gold here is James’ ability to teach the technique, so my advice would be to go to the source and book while you can. James is an actor and a Director, he knows what the director wants, and understands the challenge this may present to the actor, and so with empathy and good humor he creates a fun and safe environment where you’ll feel empowered to put this principle into practice. 100% Recommended”.

Christian Cascone, Actor.